Mutilate a Doll

Mutilate a Doll


Mutilate a Doll is a physics based destruction game which can be played in a web browser; the game can be found on multiple flash game websites. The game was developed by Dashrava and no longer receives new updates as the developer has moved to working full time on the second game in the series.

Purpose of game

The aim of the game is very simple, to mutilate and harm the dolls using the various items in the game. This is described as being a stress-relieving game to help deal with frustration by taking it out on the ragdolls in the game. There is no way to win or lose the game and players can play for as long as they like without reaching any paywalls or endings.

How to play

Mutilate a Doll

Playing the game is very simple, all of the controls are around the side of the screen and the player and the player only needs to click on the items that they want to spawn. The game starts with a black screen and the spawning options are hidden in tabs, this allows the player to see more of the screen once they've selected their weapons of choice.

After spawning items and ragdolls into the world, the player can manipulate the items to attack the dolls with. Though the dolls are not meant to look very human, they do bleed when injured and they can lose pieces when severely injured; they can even disintegrate entirely. In addition to the blood, there are other partical effects which can be produced from weapons and items in the game.

Game controls

The entire game is controlled with a keyboard and mouse; items are spawned into the world and moved around with the mouse. This also includes attacking the dolls in some manner, weapons and items can be swung at the dolls or dolls can even be thrown around into the walls to deal damage.

While the mouse is the main control input, the player can also use the keyboard for various controls; the main keyboard use however is for attacking with firearms, they can be shot using the same key that spawned it in. Guns can be spawned using keys 0-9 and pressing it again will fire the weapon.

There are also various other keyboard commands that can be used to access items faster or to modify the game to the players liking. Ragdolls can be spawned through the items list but they can also be spawned by pressing the Space Bar and some of the other items also have hotkeys to spawn them quickly. Players also have the option of remapping keys and the ability to change the visuals by pressing the Enter key.

Special Tricks

There are no real special tricks to the game and 'hacked' versions don't offer much more content to the game; different websites will offer different versions of the game however so the control tabs might be in different locations on the screen. The biggest special trick in the game is knowing how the guns work as many websites do not offer clear controls for them.